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What is the size of each sheet?
They are 8.27" x 11.69".

How many meringues can I make per sheet?
We offer two types of sheets - Separate Round Images Sheets - There are 54, 1-inch round images per sheet. All Over Background Sheets - The number of meringues depends on the size you make them. You could make 20, 1.5-inch meringues per sheet or up to 90, 1/2-inch meringues per sheet.

Should I use parchment paper, etc under the Sugar Stamps?
No. It's not necessary and actually may be harmful to the sheets.

Do I pipe meringues on the shiny side or the dull/rough side of the sheet?
Pipe onto the dull side. Shiny side down against the cookie sheet.

Should I let the meringues cool before removing them from the sheets?
No. Remove the meringues from the sheets immediately after taking them from the oven.

May I return my Sugar Stamps for a refund or may I exchange for different designs?
No. Sugar Stamps are a food product, therefore a final sale.

What are the ingredients in Sugar Stamps? Are they safe?
The ingredients are completely safe and edible.

How do they taste?
There is no discernible taste or texture difference to desserts made with Sugar Stamps.

Are they gluten free?
Yes, they are!

I sell desserts using Sugar Stamps. Will you link to my website?
Absolutely! Please send to

How do you ship my Sugar Stamp sheets?

Sugar Stamp sheet is packaged securely, to ensure it is not damaged in transit.
You can be confident your order will arrive in perfect, ready to use condition.

How do I store my Sugar Stamp sheets?
Keep them in a supplied sealed plastic zip top bag until use. Store them in a dry, dark place like a kitchen cabinet.

How long do Sugar Stamps last?
Please use them within one year of the manufacture date noted in your shipment.

From where do Sugar Stamp sheets ship?
Your sheets will ship from Toronto, ON, Canada.

Do you ship internationally?
We ship worldwide!

What are the shipping rates?

Free Worldwide shipping on order of any 10 Sugar Stamp sheets!
You could see the shipping rates at checkout. 

May I have my own design/logo on a Sugar Sheet?
Turn your image or photo or logo or picture into a piece of edible art!
Providing an image with a white background with assist in the handling of this if required. Please send to

What forms of payment do you accept?
You can pay with PayPal express checkout or use a credit card.

Am I purchasing meringues or just the Sugar Stamp sheets?
You are purchasing the sheets only that are used for you to make the meringues beautiful.

Can I make other desserts with Sugar Stamps?
Yes! You can easily made some adorable treats with Sugar Stamp and Candy Melts, Marshmallows and White Chocolate.

I've never made meringues or used Sugar Stamps before. Any tips?

Yes! Please read through all of the FAQs and the tips on the meringue recipe page (you will get the recipe with your order). Cut off a piece of a Sugar Stamp sheet and run a test before using a whole sheet.