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What is the size of each Meringue Transfer sheet?

They are A4 size - 210 × 297 millimeters or 8.27 × 11.69 inches.

How many meringues can I make per sheet?

We offer two types of design composition - Separate Round Images Sheets - There are 54, 1-inch round images per sheet. All Over Background Sheets - The number of meringues depends on the size you make them. You could make 20, 1.5-inch meringues per sheet or up to 90, 1/2-inch meringues per sheet.

Should I use parchment paper, etc under the Meringue Transfer Sheets?

No. It's not necessary and actually may be harmful to the sheets.

Do I pipe meringues on the shiny side or the dull/rough side of the sheet?

Pipe onto the dull side. Shiny side down against the cookie sheet.

Should I let the meringues cool before removing them from the sheets?

No. Remove the meringues from the sheets immediately after taking them from the oven.

May I return my Meringue Transfer Sheets for a refund or may I exchange for different designs?

No. Meringue Transfer Sheets are a food product, therefore a final sale.

What are the ingredients in Meringue Transfer Sheets? Are they safe?

The ingredients are completely safe and edible.

How do they taste?

There is no discernible taste or texture difference to desserts made with Meringue Transfer Sheets.

Are they gluten free?

Yes, they are!

Can I bake other products on Meringue Transfer Sheets?

Do not use Meringue Transfer Sheets at temperatures higher than 80 degree C / 176 degrees F. They do need heat to complete the design transfer. If you use Meringue Transfer Sheets on other desserts, please let me know and send photos for the gallery! Please sent to

I sell desserts using Meringue Transfer Sheets. Will you link to my website?

Absolutely! Please send information to

How do I store my Meringue Transfer Sheets?

Keep them in a supplied sealed plastic zip top bag until use. Store them in a dry, dark place like a kitchen cabinet.

How long do Meringue Transfer Sheets last?

Please use them within one year of the manufacture date noted in your shipment.

From where do Meringue Transfer Sheets ship?

Your sheets will ship from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Do you ship internationally?


How fast you ship the order?

All orders require 2-5 business days of processing time unless otherwise noted.

What is your store currency?

All fees will be billed in US dollars and are subject in Government taxes and other prevailing charges.

When I receive my package please?

For standard shipping, package generally takes from few days to few weeks to arrive (without tracking number in order to provide at an affordable price). For expedited shipping, package generally takes 1-7 days to arrive (with tracking number). We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

What are the shipping rates?

Please check the rates on the website during a checkout.

May I have my own design/logo on a Meringue Transfer Sheets?

Yes, custom design is a great way to personalize any event or occasion, from birthdays, holidays and weddings to promoting your company or brand. Please allow 1-3 business days turnaround for design creation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Any payment options are available on the

Can I make other desserts with Meringue Transfer Sheets?

Yes! You can easily made some adorable treats with Meringue Transfer Sheets and Candy Melts, Marshmallows and White Chocolate.

I've never made meringues or used Meringue Transfer Sheets before. Any tips?

A tip for successful meringues:

When using Sugar Art Meringue Transfer sheets be careful if making multiple trays at once. Always put the tray with the sheet at the bottom of the oven for two reasons:

1) The bottom of the oven is the warmest spot and will heating the bottom tray the most.

2) The process of making meringues is more about drying and not baking. The drying process releases a lot of steam in the oven, which rises up. If you have a second try on top this will make the prints on the upper tray wet and not transfer well.

If you would like to make two trays at once, place the top tray as high as possible so there is enough room for the steam to circulation.

Also as a general rule always place your transfer sheet directly on your tray. They need about 80°C/ 176F degrees for successful transfer, and if you use parchment paper underneath, the heat does not pass properly and can affect the Meringue print.

Oreo's covered with white chocolate:

You can use Sugar Art sheets not only for meringues, but with white chocolate or marshmallow.

Here is step by step instruction how to make Oreo's covered with white chocolate:

1) Cut out Sugar Art sheet in one inch circle punch or scissors

2) Place plastic side down in cavities of mini cookie mold

3) Cover with warm melted chocolate, place cookie in center and fill/cover with more chocolate

4) Allow to harden and cool in fridge for a few minutes... then gently pop out

5) Carefully peel away the plastic circle from the design

6) Enjoy

What is the way to purchase Wholesale from you?

You can do it using link below:

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What is the Wholesale pricing and detailed information about the Partnership with your Company?

For more Wholesale Information and Partnership press HERE

Why I can’t find the Perfect Meringue Recipe on your website?

You will automatically receive perfect, printable Swiss Meringue Recipe by email with additional tips and instructions, after subscription to our newsletter here: