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Pack of 25 SugarMazing Transfer Sheets

$174.75 $124.75

Make your next occasion or event extra special the easy way with a white unprinted SugarMazing transfer sheets which are perfect for meringues, chocolate, and marshmallow.

Each sheet is 8.27" x 11.69" (21cm x 29.7cm) an A4 size sheet.

SugarMazing transfer sheets are oven safe (up to 80°C / 176°F) and are used instead of lining paper/aluminum foil during baking/drying of meringues. Right after drying is done, meringues are removed from the sheets. That is how easy it is to use them!

SugarMazing transfer sheets are unique branded liners with transferable images for sweet meringues.

They are sugar-made and are GMO Free, dairy free, gluten free and kosher certified.