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Be Creative, Be Unique!

Sugar Art Canada specializing in stylish edible images for any type of dessert.
Thinking of decorating cakes, cookies or cupcakes? Choose from a huge variety of our icing sheets!
Baking holiday meringues or sugar lollipops? Browse our beautiful collection of meringue transfer sheets!
Working on a dessert table and would love to in provide something new to your clients? Ask us to create any custom design for an event!
Got a request to decorate a wedding cake with a shimmer gold or silver bow? No problem... we have edible fabric for your decor!

Work with Us!
Are you a pastry teacher, culinary cook or a chef? If you are interested in launching your own professional video tutorials or live video classes (using our products as a bonus) for your fans and followers, please send us an email to Tell us how we can find you on social media, and what kind of dessert you have mind. 

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