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How to Use Icing Sheets

How to Use Icing Sheets


  • If the Icing Sheets are not pre-cut, edible prints can be cut very easily with scissors. In the case of sugar paper, you must first remove the plastic to which it is attached. Once we have removed the plastic we cut the edible print.
  • Put the cake in the fridge inside a box, to protect it from humidity and so that they do not absorb odors.
  • It is very important that the surface on which you are going to stick the sugar paper is very smooth so that the print well adheres.
  • Our recommendation, whenever possible, is to put the edible prints on the cakes shortly before the party or the event (so we will avoid the odd setback), even so, depending on the coverage in which we put our print, it holds more or less. We can also put the cakes decorated with edible printing in the fridge.
  • Normally for our tutorials we always put the cakes that we have decorated with sugar paper in the fridge overnight, then we take them out and let them rest for a few minutes and then we take photos of them.
  • Once we have our edible print glued to our cake … We only have to decorate! I advise you to make some decorations around the print to make it more beautiful and prevent the edges of the print from rising.

How to stick sugar paper on buttercream-covered cakes?

Buttercream is a perfect cream to support edible prints. As it is creamy, you do not have to use any type of glue, you just have to smooth the surface of the cake well and place the sugar paper on the cream and that's it!

If the buttercream has hardened you can spray a little water on the cream to be able to stick the print on top.

When you stick the sugar paper on the buttercream make sure that it is completely glued to the surface, if there are areas without adhering to the cream then air bubbles may appear.

You can also glue the sugar paper prints ahead of time onto buttercream-covered cakes. As the buttercream is not wet it is a great support to stick edible prints. Remember that the buttercream has to be firm and perfectly smoothed so that the entire print is in contact with the cream and no air bubbles form.

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How to preserve edible prints?

Always stored inside the zip-lock plastic bag. We must avoid direct sunlight, or it will eat away the color and we must ALWAYS keep them in a dry place.

Generally, the problems that we may have with the sugar paper come from an excess of humidity or because the printing has dried (we have left the zippered bag open, etc.).

The sugar paper comes on a plastic that must be removed before putting the edible print on the cake, it peels off very easily, but it may happen that on some rare occasion (especially if it is very hot) it costs you a bit to remove the edible prints of the plastic, to solve it put the edible print in the freezer for about 15 and 20 seconds, and then it will peel off more easily.

If what has happened is that your edible print has dried out (this does not happen if it is kept well stored inside the zip-lock bag) try putting a little water on the side that adheres the edible print to the cake and let it rest for a few 20 min to hydrate.

How long does the sugar paper last in a cake?

As the duration of the sugar paper on a cake will depend on the humidity of the coating, that is, if you use the sugar paper on a cake covered with fondant or hardened chocolate, it will stay perfect for much longer than in coatings. cream, buttercream, or melted chocolate.

For this reason, it is best to place the sheet of cake sugar paper just before displaying it, with this ensures the good appearance of the cake before the guests.

Assembling a cake covered with buttercream and sugar paper:

Once the cake is completely covered and smooth, we take it to the fridge for a few hours so that the coating hardens before proceeding to cover it with the sugar paper.

If the cake has been sitting in the fridge for several hours, the topping may have hardened too much, making it difficult for the sugar paper to adhere. But as we have said before, it is enough to spray a little water or leave it for a while at room temperature so that the coverage tempers and we can cover it without problem.

We, therefore, begin by covering the cake by placing the paper from below. With clean and dry hands or with a smoothing spatula, we gently lift the paper upwards while moving to one side so that it adheres well and evenly. When we have the paper perfectly positioned, we will make several longitudinal cuts like tabs in the excess paper that remains on the top of the cake, as you can see in the image below.

Ultimate Guide By Sweets By Joana How To Use Icing Sheets

Now, one by one, we will fold the tabs carefully and we will stick them, Important!!!, one by one on the buttercream that covers the surface of the cake, when we have finished with this, we proceed to place the second paper, matching, or not, the drawings of both, that will depend on the design/pattern of the paper that you have used or your personal criteria.

Now comes the most complicated part, matching the endings of both papers so that the joints are as little as noticeable as possible.

Once cut just to size and repeat the action of raising the paper with the spatula, while we are moving to one side until it joins the end of the first paper placed.

Make again several longitudinal cuts like tabs in the excess paper that remains on the top of the cake and one by one we are folding and gluing them on the buttercream. Now we can put the cake in the fridge until we finish with the decoration.

We have let the cake cool again in the fridge so that the paper finishes adhering well and now we can continue with the decoration of It.

Finally, we remove the cake from the fridge and make the floral decoration or decoration with piped buttercream.

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