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Custom design is a great way to personalize any event or occasion, from birthdays, holidays and weddings to promoting your company or brand.

Custom Design

Turn your image, photo, logo, or picture into a piece of edible art!
Providing an image with a white background with assist in the handling of this if required.

Make your next occasion or event extra special using the edible meringue transfer sheets, chocolate transfer sheets, icing paper, or wafer paper. Our designs can be used with meringues, chocolate, candy melts, marshmallows, cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and isomalt.

The design is transferred and melted into your dessert with gentle heat or just applied to the cupcakes, and cakes. We source and use only the best food colouring available to create all of our edible images. don't be limited by your imagination!

Online Training

Online Mastering Meringue Class! Techniques and Treats. Enjoy and learn History of Meringues, Main Ingridients & Equipments, French Meringue, Swiss Meringues, Flavours, Fillings, Toppings and Decor, Meringue Transfer Sheets, Piping & Colouring.

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