Meringue Lovers Group

Meringue Lovers Group
"Meringue Lovers" group looking for help to make our sweet networking more fun, engaged and interactive...
Please comment under this post any creative ideas, like contests, giveaways, nominations, challenges...
Meringue Lovers
We will choose a NEW ADMIN for this group :-)
So excited 
Good Luck!
This group is open to share experience in meringue baking! Please share your recipes and photos of this amazing dessert!
Suspiros, or Meringue Kisses, are a traditional Portuguese dessert typically served during weddings or during many other holiday celebrations like Christmas or Easter.
Meringue kisses, meringue drops, or simply meringues. Whatever you want to call them, these sweet little cookies are equal parts chewy and crunchy, and everyone loves them. Impossibly delicious and so pretty – easily tinted to suit any colour scheme.
Not only do these little treats taste great, but they are a cute and simple favour that can make any tables cape look a little sweeter! The delicate, whimsical design is perfect for any event.
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