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SugarMazing Edible Fabric

How to Use SugarMazing Edible Fabric

SugarMazing Edible Fabric is the most flexible and durable sheet on the market and really does flow like actual fabric. SugarMazing Edible Fabric also has an ability to quickly and easily make edible lace which simply attached to all basis with a little bit of water.

SugarMazing Edible Fabric is ideal to duplicate real fabric material, they can be used for cakes, cookies, draping, and decorations. So easy to make flowers, bow ties, ribbons, dresses, and any 3D shapes.

How to Use on Edible Lace?

  1. Peel off SugarMazing Edible Fabric from the paperback.
  2. Cut the SugarMazing Edible Fabric sheet to cover the size of the mat. If your piece is not large enough to cover the entire mat, pieces can be used to fill in the needed area.
  3. Dip the Fabric sheet in room temperature water. Cover the front and back of the fabric sheet with water dipping several times for about 30 seconds.
  4. Place on Lace mat and let sit for 2 minutes until you can see the sheet melting into mat.
  5. Using a spreader instrument, spread and press the SugarMazing Edible Fabric into the holes on the mat. Carefully avoid breaks in the material surface.
  6. Wipe excess off the mat.
  7. Allow drying for 2 hours. A dehydrator or warm oven can be used for quicker drying.

Carefully remove the SugarMazing Edible Fabric lace from the mat.

- Easy to cut out, bend, fold, and wrap.

- The SugarMazing Edible Fabric is sent out to you in a sealed bag for freshness and a carded envelope to prevent damage in transit.


How To Store SugarMazing Edible Fabric?

Keep them in a supplied sealed plastic zip top bag until use. Store them in a dry, dark place like a kitchen cabinet at room temperature.