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Ultimate Guide By Sweets By Joana How To Use Icings Sheets

Ultimate Guide By Sweets by Joana How To Use Icing Sheets (Sugar Paper) In Cakes With Various Types of Coverings.

In this guide, you will learn how to use icing sheets (sugar paper) - the most used in edible printing, although not the only one:

1. Differences between sugar paper and wafer paper.
2. How to stick sugar paper on buttercream-covered cakes.
3. How to stick sugar paper on cakes lined with fondant.
4. How to stick sugar paper on cakes covered in cream.
5. How to stick sugar paper on chocolate-covered cakes.
6. How to preserve edible prints?
7. How long does the sugar paper last in a cake?
8. Assembling a cake covered with buttercream and sugar paper.

You will also receive two bonuses included in this Book.
BONUS #1: Sugar Caramel by Sweets By Joana
BONUS #2: Choco Transfers by Sweets By Joana

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