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Christmas Cookies Masterclass with Pamela from Pamela Cake Planner

Christmas Cookies Masterclass with Pamela from Pamela Cake Planner

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In this class, you are going to learn how to make delicious shortbread cookies for Christmas. Pamela, from Pamela Cake Planner, will show you how to use the Sugar Art icing sheets winter collection.
Additionally, Pamela will be sharing her personal Italian recipe for cookies and her technique to create amazing Christmas cookies for gift idea or like ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Duration: 20 minutes
Language: English

Take the class at your own pace and in your own time.

Upon purchasing this class, you will revive an email containing a downloadable PDF, in this PDF you will find:
1. Tool & Equipment List.
2. Pamela’s Italian Shortbread Cookies Recipe.
3. Royal Icing Recipe.
4. Contact page where you can find all of Pamela Cake Planner social media channels (you can find other videos with Sugar Art products).

Lesson Plan:
The class is divided in three different steps:
1. Preparation of the shortbread cookies.
2. Decoration of the cookies with Sugar Art icing sheets: how to cut the icing sheets and how to put on the cookies.
3. Preparation of royal icing to complete the decoration.
Pamela will give you some ideas how to use these beautiful cookies.

Tool & Equipment:
1. Butter, sugar, egg, flour and baking powder.
2. Fondant.
3. Edible Icing Sheets “Winter Round Designs” available on use coupon code PAMELACAKE20 for 20% off.
4. Water.
5. Round cutter.
6. Rolling pin.
7. Brush.
8. Icing sugar.
9. Meringue powder.
10. Piping bag.
11. Scissors.
12. Baking tray with baking paper.
13. Mixer.
14. Crystal sugar or sprinkles.

Class payment is final and non-refundable.
By purchasing this class you agree not to share this content with anyone. One participant per order.
By purchasing this class, you release Sugar Art Canada from any health and safety liability connected to or incurred by taking this class.

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Video sound not great

The tutorial was ok but the video had no sound in certain parts. I found it difficult to follow along while trying to lip read.

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