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Heart Stencil Mat

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The heart stencil mat is dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe. The mat can be used to prepare meringues, chocolate, and more! Withstands temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) up to 229°C (445°F).

Position the heart stencil mat over a Meringue transfer sheet, spread Swiss Meringue early prepared compound, and scrape off the excess. Remove the heart stencil mat to create perfect shaped Meringue hearts.

Make perfect bite-sized meringues using Meringue transfer sheets.
24 Cavities in total, each is 1½"(3.8cm)

Mat Size Dimensions:11¼"(28.6cm) × 7½"(19.1cm)
Material: Non Stick, Flexible Food-Grade Silicone

FREE Meringue Transfer sheet (background) will be added to every order of the Heart Stencil Mat. Don’t forget to write the code of the desired background design number under "Comments”.