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"Sultane" Piping Nozzle Set of 2 (Closed + Open)

$25.49 $16.99

A professional line of nozzles to use without the coupler.
These tubes are specialty designed pastry tips for meringues, icing pastries and desserts.
Tip Set includes two different "Sultane" tips:  open Sultane Nozzle (796) & closed Sultane Nozzle (795).

These unique tips create a round icing ring with a hollow center.

At the open "Sultane" Nozzle (796) the cone sticks out more, making it suited for decorating iced puff pastry, cookies, meringues and more.
At the closed "Sultane" Nozzle (795) the cone sticks out less, a form that is suited for piping out icing, meringues and more

Material: Stainless steel without welding points.
Tip height: 2 1/4"
Tip bottom diameter: 2"