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Halloween Pumpkins - SA35

Halloween Pumpkins - SA35

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Sugar Stamps are branded liners with transferable images for sweet meringues.

Each sheet is 8.27" x 11.69" (21cm x 29.7cm) an A4 size sheet.
One Sugar Stamp sheet makes up to 54 meringue kisses of about 1" (2.5cm).

Sugar Stamps are oven safe (up to 80°C / 176°F) and are used instead of lining paper/aluminum foil during baking/drying of meringues. Right after drying is done, meringues are removed from the sheets. That is how easy it is to use them!

Gluten Free. Kosher.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Keay
Not great

I love the icing sheets but my first experience with the merengue transfers wasn’t great. They were sharp and ended up throwing most of them away.
I baked at 175 per the instructions so I’m not sure what I did wrong.

Dear Sarah,

We are happy you like the Sugar Art Icing Sheets and also decided to try the Meringue Transfer Sheets.

How are Meringue Transfer sheets different from icing-type sheets? Many edible images are printed on icing sheets peeled off their backing and applied. Meringue Transfer sheets have a very fine layer of starch/sugar/food coloring on acetate. The design is transferred and melted into your dessert with gentle heat.

We have detailed instructions and most of the time if you follow you get good results:

In case you not getting results with the Meringue Transfer Sheets you can always contact us by email: at or even call 1-289-807-2088.
Attach an image of your work with your email and we will solve your issue.

Sweet Thank You!
Sugar Art

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