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Princess Two Characters - Icing - ISA106

Princess Two Characters - Icing - ISA106

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ICING sugar sheets are an actual layer of icing that bonds with the icing on the cake.

- They can be applied to all types of cakes, cupcakes, cookies, fondant, etc.
Icing sheets are extremely flexible and offer easy-peel backing.

- These printed sheets make it easy to decorate any shape of a cookie. Simply use your cookie cutter as a template to trace out and cut the shape.

- Our icing sheets wrap beautifully around a cake. When used horizontally these sheets will cover tiers up to 8" (20 cm) tall.

Please see the size chart for amount of sheets needed by tier size:
6" (15 cm) tier - 2 sheets
8" (20 cm) tier - 3 sheets
10" (25 cm) tier - 4 sheets
12" (30 cm) tier - 4 sheets

Cake chart for amount of icing sheets needed by tier size.

- Each sheet printable area is 7.75" x 10" (20 cm x 25 cm)

- The icing sugar sheets are sent out to you in a sealed bag for freshness and a carded envelope to prevent damage in transit.

Allergen Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Not Genetically Modified, Kosher Certified.

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Jasmine Nelson

Images looked fantastic on the website but I didn’t receive my items unfortunately. Not sure if they are lost or are just taking an extremely long time to arrive but it’s been 100 days since I ordered so I’m not expecting them at this point. More disappointed in the service then not getting my items to be honest. I sent two emails to the company a couple weeks ago and have had to reply. I don’t like to leave negative reviews at all but the lack of reply to me emails was dissatisfying.

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