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“Sugar Cookie Tags“ With Pamela - Video Tutorial - from Buttercut Bakery

“Sugar Cookie Tags“ With Pamela - Video Tutorial - from Buttercut Bakery

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In this class, you are going to learn how Pamela, from Buttercut Bakery, makes her sugar cookie recipe, covers her cookies, and applies edible sheets on cookies.
She will guide you through the whole decorating process while providing you the necessary information to securely apply edible sheets on cookies covered with royal icing, royal glaze, and fondant.

DURATION: 37 minutes

Upon purchasing this class, you will receive an email containing a downloadable PDF, in this PDF you will find:
  1. List of tools & equipment + links to where to buy them
  2. A step by step guide of the whole class for you to keep
  3. Full details of the recipes used in this project
  4. Additional video links you might use
  5. A contact page where you will find all of Pamela’s social media channels in addition to her email in case you
    would like to ask her questions.
  6. If you would like to receive the customizable class certificate, please email Pamela with your full name (her
    email is listed in the PDF file)
  1. Learn how to make sugar cookies.
  2. Free cut sugar cookies with one simple trick, NO special cutter needed!
  3. Make and prep the royal glaze.
  4. Cover your cookies in just a few minutes.
  5. Learn the right way to apply edible sheets on royal icing, royal glaze, and fondant.
  6. Finalize your cookies and prep them for shipping or to consume yourself.
  1. Butter
  2. Sugar
  3. Egg
  4. Vanilla
  5. Salt
  6. Flour
  7. Powdered sugar
  8. Water
  9. Light corn syrup
  10. Knife
  11. Baking tray
  12. Baking paper
  13. Brush
  14. Scissors
  15. Stand mixer or hand mixer
  16. Rolling pin
  17. Ribbon
  18. Piping tip
  19. Edible icing sheet available on use coupon BUTTER20 for 20% OFF

Class payment is final and non-refundable.
By purchasing this class you agree not to share this content with anyone. One participant per order.
By purchasing this class, you release Sugar Art Canada from any health and safety liability connected to or incurred by taking this class.

* These Video Tutorials were recorded via Zoom while hosting Live Classes.

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